Reg Edit

To Add 5 (or even 6) Panels To Comic Chat
Depending on your wide screen!
(UPDATE: If you are running 1920 x 1080, then you can even go 7 panels)

These regedit files were created by Mermaid_Elizabeth and are safe to use!

If you have a widescreen, this is what you see using the max setting of 4 panels in Comic Chat program.

4 Panel

These .reg files not only set the number of panels across, but also set the dimensions of each panel square so that
they fit properly. They are contained in a 7-zip file, so you'll have to have 7-zip to unzip it. Since I often change my
panel size, I keep the 6 panel .reg file on my desktop to restore Comic Chat back to 6 panels once I am finished
screen grabbing on a large single panel (or whatever I am doing that caused me to change the panel number).

Reg Edit
5 Panel

UN ZIP the .Reg file!
Then with your Comic Chat program closed, right click on the '5_panel.reg' file and select 'Merge'.
Follow the prompts (Yes & OK) to get 5 panels.
For some screens this is enough to fill your screen.

5 Panel
Wait! There's More!
Steady, Ladies
Reg Edit
6 Panel

With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (or 1600 x 900) you can get away with using the 6-panel regedit file to
fill your screen! UN ZIP the .Reg file! Then, with the Comic Chat program closed, right click on the
'6_panel.reg' file and select 'Merge'. Follow the prompts (Yes & OK) to complete.
The next time you open Comic Chat, you will have 6 panels across.

You might have to smish the right side panels a bit by holding your cursor over the vertical divider and drag it right.
6 Panel
Reg Edit
7 Panel

OK, so I got to thinking, I turn my wide screen monitor down to 1600 x 900, but if you are

using 1920 x 1080, (you must have good eyes), you can even go to 7 panels.

So in hind-sight I added a 7-panel reg file just for you eagle eyed folks!

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