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(If you have any other questions you can email me or ask someone in MS Chat, if it's something I haven't mentioned let me know and I'll add it for others, thanks).

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All these questions and answers and more can be found in the MSChat help file, click on Help, then on Help Topics and either work done the list or type in a word your looking for. I hope this page has been some help to you if you need more help, check out the help file in MSchat or ask your friendly host or fellow chatters.
The Questions
  1. What happened to the MsChat servers?
  2. What's the difference between 2.1 and 2.5?
  3. How do I upgrade?
  4. How do I change my character?
  5. How do I set auto download?
  6. How do I add my profile?
  7. What does brb, lol, wb etc mean?
  8. What is that cup beside someone's name?
  9. How do you do those hearts and things?
  10. How do I invite people?
  11. Why can't I hear the .wavs being played?
  12. Where do I save .wavs?
  13. How do I stop those annoying sounds?
  14. Where do I save characters and backgrounds sent to me?
  15. How do I send a .wav or character?
  16. What can a host do?
  17. How do I sync backgrounds?
  18. How do I make a automated welcome?
  19. How do I make a character?
  20. How do I make a background?
  21. How do I make a character auto?
  22. How do I set up the WS_FTP program?
  23. How do I delete unwanted characters?
  24. Why don't people always talk in the chat rooms?
  25. How can I tell if my friend is on?
  26. How do I check lag, profiles etc?
  27. What are zipped files and do i need them?
  28. Why do I get kicked for no reason?
  29. How do I set a ownerkey?
  30. What is and how can I make a bot?
  31. Wavs wont play in chat, why not?
  32. What are the short cut keys?
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