Mermaid Elizabeth's Chat Room Sound Effects - WAV & MIDI Files most often used in Chat Rooms.

updated: 13 October 2018

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Mermaid Elizabeth's Chat Room Sounds: (Zipped)
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{[:]|\\Accordian Man//[:]}

This link page provides links to websites that offer downloads of
popular sounds used in chat rooms. If you wish to use these
sounds in the chat program 'Microsoft Comic Chat', then you
must place these files into your media folder: C:\Windows\Media

Right out of the box, Microsoft Comic Chat users can play WAV, MIDI, and RMI
sound files inside chat rooms. In order to be able to play MP3 files, one must use
one of the provided executables located for download here on Mermy's site. For
further details about playing MP3 files in Comic Chat rooms, visit Mermy's

MP3 page

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Mermaid Elizabeth uses "Goldwave" for her sound editing projects