Special help files for installing the Microsoft Chat Character Editor for Windows XP users
updated: 6 December 2014 (added .WMA support)
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Click here to download: elCChat_MP3-WMA.zip

Greek Version
Plays .WAV .MP3 .WMA files

Right out of the box, Microsoft Comic Chat users can play WAV, MIDI, and RMI sound files inside a chat room. But with the onset of MP3's and the serious decline of RMI files, it would be nice for an upgraded version of Comic Chat that would also play MP3 files.

Microsoft ceased developement of the Comic Chat program back in the early part of 2001. Which meant also that the MP3 addition wasn't going to come from Microsoft.

A talented chatter from the IRX-City Chat Server Group decided to use an editor to replace the RMI callout inside the Comic Chat .exe file to that of MP3's. The result was SUCCESS!

This MP3 comic chat version is in the Windows XP section because it only seems to work with Windows XP. Mermy has one machine with Windows 98SE in it and even though she has Windows Media Player 9.0 in it, it won't play the mp3 files in a Comic Chat room. She can, however, play them on her Windows XP machine.

To play MP3 files in Comic Chat:
1. You have to be using Microsoft's Windows XP.
2. You have to install the Comic Chat 2.5 program from it's regular installation file. ( See: http://mermeliz.com/cchat.htm ).
3. Then download the cchat_mp3.exe file and place it into the same folder where you have the regular Comic Chat 'cchat.exe' file located.

That's it! Once you've finished putting the cchat_mp3.exe file into the Comic Chat folder, then you can create a shortcut to it from your desktop. When you're ready to chat, click on it to connect to the Comic Chat rooms instead of the regular installed Comic Chat icon. You're ready to play some music!

Hint: Most people just discard or rename the original cchat.exe. Then rename the cchat_mp3.exe to cchat.exe and use it as the regular Comic Chat executable.

A Reminder: In order for you to be able to hear other people's MP3's, you also have to have the same MP3 file in your C:\Windows\Media folder. So ask them to share it with you. Likewise, no one else can hear your MP3 sounds unless they too have the same MP3 file in their C:\Windows\Media folder. So when they ask for it, remember to share as well!

Click here to download: cchat_mp3.zip

English Version
Plays .WAV .MP3 .MID files

Click here to download: jaCChat_MP3.zip
Japanese Version
Plays .WAV .MP3 .MID files

Click here to download: deCChat_MP3.zip
German Version
Plays .WAV .MP3 .MID files

Click here to download: cchat_mp3-wma.zip
English Version
Plays .WAV .MP3 .WMA files

Click here to download: jaCChat_MP3-WMA.zip
Japanese Version
Plays .WAV .MP3 .WMA files

Click here to download: deCChat_MP3-WMA.zip
German Version
Plays .WAV .MP3 .WMA files

This is a zipped file!
You will have to have an unzip program
to extract it before using.
A free one called 7-Zip
is available on the Cool Programs Page in the "Archival Programs" section!