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Prince Alucard's Microsoft Comic Chat Characters restored on Mermaid Elizabeth's Aqua World Web Site.

0ZombieBunn0  A Frankenstein Zombie Bunny Thing
0Freak_Wabbit0  Has a variety of different poses
0MixedMax0  Another bunny. This one is sort of different
because of it's unique choice in poses.
You'll have to see for yourself.
 0GrumpyBunny0  An Old Old Bunny resembles Father Time!
KonBunny  An abomination, it actually is a bunch of
crazy poses not unlike mixed max
Kon_Ghost  It's a Ghost Bunny!
Is there anyhting else I can say?
Kon_Scatch  A random bunny with unique poses
KonKon1  Another random bunny
Hone  A Wild and Crazy Skeleton

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28 May 2006