This site is about my little piece of the computer world ..
a chat room we affectionately call "The Lair" .

...Microsoft Comic Chat, me a little bit and, of course, my friends.
But without my great friends in The Lair and in the Comic Chat world ...
now and in the past .. this page would
not exist .. there would be no need for it.

To each and every person that has been to The Lair ....... THANK YOU !!

We can be found on: ircx-city.sytes.net server

Click this link to magically be transported to The Lair:
As soon as you get there .. add room/server to your 'Favorites" list
for easy access next time !!

sleeping duck

HOW 2's ...
How 2's at your service!
Getting Started
with CChat 2.5
Want More

Making your
own characters?
Click on "InvizoWabbit" to find
Every site needs one
of these !

Be careful!!  I might burp !!
What's in a "Zombie" Botender?
Click on Alien to find recipes!

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Lairites-too much fun!

Where did that last can of  Pepsi go ?!!?!?!

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Priceless Moment

of moments in The Lair
when we are having way
too much fun !!

These pages will be constantly changing with new pics
so be sure to
check back often!

Be sure to see the first moment of Chat Addiction on Page Two !!

If you have any such captured moments and wish to contribute please send ASAP!

This is the Link you must have !!

Mermaid Link

Mermaid Elizabeth's site .. the "Goddess of Comic Chat"
You will find everything you need !!!

Except someone to clean your house & wash your car ......
Two rabbits cuddling
or keep track of those lusty
Dust Bunnies !!

This is The End . or is it ?!??!