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もしくは[C:\Program Files\Microsoft Chat\Comicart]にしまって下さい。

These files are comic characters for use in the chat program
'Microsoft Chat V2.5'
Download and 'save' them to your 'COMICART' folder!
C:\Program Files\Chat\COMICART
- or -
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Chat\COMICART

+++     +++
Koizumi study book [1 ~ 5 volumes are on sale!]

Author: (C)Mari Koizumi / すてゅ@STUSSY

+++ トロ +++
+++ Toro +++
Real name: Inoue Toro
A sweet baby with a lonely feel. Maybe there is also a little horny thing? Very pure, easy to be deceived because it is mujaki. My favorite food is octopus. Future dream is to become human.

+++ スズキ +++
+++ Suzuki +++
Real name: R. Suzuki
A logical, philosophical researcher. Seriously knack type. Continue studying day and night to make a new invention and to win a Nobel prize. There are no political parties that support it. Imgawa Yaki is my favorite food.

+++ ジュン +++
+++ Jun +++
Real name: Mihara Jun
I love singing and TV. Aiming for red and white appearance, I am now in a lesson (Karaoke). A self-paced, now traveler, self-proclaimed, love traveler. Ramen and curry have no eye.

+++ リッキー +++
+++ Ricky +++
Real Name: Published Ses
Aiming at the world's best fighter, to hometown for training. It is a simple personality, but there are [frogs in the well] places. Actually, I have a teacher's license. My favorite is a bee child.

+++ ピエール +++
+++ Pierre +++
Real name: Yamamoto Pierre
Dreaming girl who came out of her parents home to become independent. (Man?). My future dream is to live alone in my longing for Paris. It is very detailed about flower language and fortune telling. I love trendy things, Favorite such as tiramisu, nata de coco etc.

+++ こねこトロ +++
+++ Kitten plot toro +++
Real name: Inoue Toro
I do not know how to be deceived, so I believe anything. I love playing Gokko and I like reading picture books a lot.

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