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Characters for Comic Chat

Character files for MicrosoftChat 2.5 created by Poser. All automatic acquisition is supported. On this page you can download my created character file, so please select the gentle one from the list below that you thought you could use it. If you would like to create your own character, let's see MIIE's website. There is carefully written how to make it. Of course you can easily understand how to adapt to automatic acquisition!
You can download it by clicking the name of each character. If you can not download it successfully, right click and go from the context menu (In case of InternetExplorer "Save target to file" キ In case of Netscape Navigator it will be "Save Link As").


Agness BunnyTadao CaptainAmerica Devilman Emi_JH
Enomoto Grimreaper_JH Komatsu Komatsu2 Nagasaki
Pii PinkDolphin_Ikehata Raptor_JH SuzukiGold


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