Microsoft® Chat 2.5 Information
By 'Joey'



This is my site about a small program I have created for Microsoft 'comic' Chat users.

While currently it does similar things as are possible from within Microsoft Chat program itself the benefit is being able to do them from one easy interface without needing to open Microsoft Chat to do so.

This program currently does the following things:

  • --v1.1 -- [April 6 2005]
  • Allow the user to switch between 2 and 5 panels accross in different resolutions.
  • Add new media paths (and add subfolders) all at once.
  • Makes an error log when some errors occur.
  • Should crash less (and do it nicer) then 1.0 did.
  • Checks if Microsoft Chat is running before applying settings. (Only if the exe name is "Cchat.exe")
  • -- v1.0 --
  • Allow the user to enable or disable Auto-download Characters option.
  • Allow the user to enable or disable Auto-download backgrounds option.
  • Allow the user to switch to 5 panels across their comic screen.
  • Allows the user to remove media paths. (Used for wav/midi/mp3 playing).

    Screenshot [ Plus More ]

    Version 1.1



    - Microsoft Comic Chat 2.5 (Installed)
    - This program requires the Microsoft .net Framework 1.1 (Available from Windows update or here).
    - Registry access permission to current logged in user (for reading/or writing changes)



    Download HERE (56 KB)

    Remember to 'save link as' rather then running from location.



    When run the program reports a missing DLL file.
    This usually means that you do not have the .net framework version 1.1 installed. You can download this for Windows 98 and up from the Windows update page under 'Recommended updates' or follow this link for the full install version.

    This application is running in a partially trusted context. Some functionality in the application may be disabled due to security restrictions
    This can happen if you accidentally clicked 'Open from location' rather then the 'Save to disk' option causing the .net framework to believe this program is web based and trying to access your computer with malicious intent. Please make sure you select the appropriate 'Save to disk' option in your browser when downloading this file.

    If the problem still persists please try the following steps:

    1) Use explorer (or 'My Computer') to go to your .net framework folder. (C:\Winnt for 2000 or C:\Windows for XP and 9X) then \Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322.
    2) Double-Click ConfigWizrds.exe to run it.
    3) Click the Adjust .NET Security in the .NET Security Dialog box
    4) Select whether you want to make changes for all users or current user
    5) Select the My Computer zone
    6) Set the slider to Medium Trust or Full Trust (Medium is fine).
    7) Click Next and Finish then close the ConfigWizards.exe



    Mozilla Firefox: The web your way.

    Get Comic Chat: Mermaid Elizabeth's MS Chat Resources Link Page.

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