Redfern Rant's on ...Censorship

Grrrr..what I originally wrote is below, but here's an update.  M_E has her site back up.  Lots of links aren't there anymore though..  imagine that..  Mine isn't there 8^).


Wait a sec..this isn't where you wanted to go is it?  Click
here and it'll take you there.  Read what's there and then come back.  Don't worry, I'll wait.  Really..go ahead and go, this page isn't going anywhere.  Just hit your back button on your browser when you're done and I'll be waiting.'re back.  What used to be on that page was a great resource for chatters.  Characters, programs, backgrounds..whatever you wanted.  If what you were looking for wasn't there, chances were one of those links could get you where you wanted to be.

Notice the graphic scheme on this page?  There ain't one.  Boring.  Just black and white.  Boring, boring, boring.  But I guess that makes life simpler for some people.  I happen to like
color.  It can be messy.  It can clash.  That's life, ain't it??  There are definitely colors that I don't like, but that's okay.  There are plenty of colors I love.  But it looks like some people don't like life..  um..  color..  um..  read on..

What apparently happened (and please correct me if I'm wrong) is that Mermaid _Elizabeth and Bud-O apparently don't like certain types of characters and wavs.  That's fine.  There are lots out there I don't like either.  Guess what?  I don't download them to my computer.  Or if I get them on auto-dowload I delete them.  Easy enough, eh?  They are only on your computer if you put them there or leave them there.  The dildo AVB?  The "teenager" could have spent his time a little more constructively.  Can't we all at times?  I find the idea of a dildo character amusing, but I certainly wouldn't have it on my computer.  It's just not my style.  If you have read my
Chat page you have seen the AVB I use.  I made it using artwork from Alberto Vargas.  I happen to think the female form is beautiful and Mr. Vargas was great at rendering it.  I only wish I really looked that good 8^).  Guess what?  M_E had listed my page of AVBs on her site.  I didn't know that until a week or so ago.  I wasn't asked.  Guess what again?  That AVB of mine - RedFernVargas?  It has a nude pose.  Very tastefully done (being Vargas), you can't really see anything.  BUT that's just the kind of thing she and Bud-O are objecting to.  Demeaning to women apparently.  Um..last I checked I was a woman..  Another thing - I never saw any nude or rude characters on any of the pages I went to from M_E's site.  Never ever.

We're all adults.  As long as what goes on (from AVBs to sex to whatever) is between people above the age of consent, it is
none of our business.  It's up to parents to censor what their kids see and/or do and/or hear.

Mermaid_Elizabeth and Bud-O can have whatever they want on their websites.  Who am I to dictate to them??  I don't want them interfering with what's on my site.  So, no matter my feelings, they have the right to be prigs..  um..  dictatorial..  um..  they can do whatever they want.


I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.
-- Voltaire


Thanks for listening.

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Sorry, Debrah, At the time of your rant, I was having site space issues. My first attempts to post a website were on various unstable "FREE" webspace sites. One after another kept closing down or blocking .AVB files. That's when I decided to create my own domain webspace, which has finally made it stable for the past 21 years!
Hope you like it now, Deb! fill ~ Mermy :-)
Created by RedFern
for "Microsoft Comic Chat" use

  Here are the chat characters, also known as AVB's, I've made to chat with. If you don't know what Comic Chat's a great way to chat.  Much better than plain text. 

  Click here and that'll direct you to a site where you can download the program as well as characters.  It also has a link to the download for the Chat Character Editor so you can make your own characters.  It's a great place to start if you're curiously interested.

This was made from "pinup" art from Alberto Vargas.  This is the first character I made from scratch.  There is one nude pose but you'd need a magnifying glass to see anything.
This is the first character I did.  It's a recolored "White Tease".  I've also greatly expanded her wardrobe.  I also gave  her a haircut.  The Bee pose is just one pose, I have a thing for bees..
This is a recolored "Maynard", so to speak as he's an invisible bunny, hence "Harvey".  I think that Maynard is the most popular of the original MSN characters to be redone.  There are many variations out there.
This is a faerie character I did.  Each pose is a different faerie from the art work of Deb Harris.  Please visit her WonderFlight site.
Great Faerie art!!
This is my version of the "dollz" currently running around.  I took Emby Quinn's version and recolored to my needs.