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There are many places to get loads of comic chat characters (check Mermy's site) so I am not going to post a lot of them here. These ones were without a home and did not auto download. If you don't have these avb's, double click on them (or right click and select 'save target as', depending on which browser you are using) and save to:
C:/program files/microsoft chat/comicart OR C:/program files/chat/comicart.

To learn how to save a character (or background) in the correct directory click here. Please note that avatar or character files must be saved with an .avb (or .AVB) extension and the backgrounds found here are saved with a .bmp extension.


If you are interested in making a character of your own click here.
Making your own character is loads of fun!
You can make one that reflects your own personality and tastes.

MS Comic Chat 2.5 comes with black and white default characters or avatars. Colour replacements are available and can be downloaded in a zip file here. There are 25 characters in this file. Unzip these into your comicart folder. Please note that this will over-write the black and white characters so if you want to keep the black and white ones, then move them first from the COMICART folder.





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