IRC servers and popular rooms for Comic Chat fun!

updated: 24 December 2022

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These are links to 'Comic Chat" friendly IRC servers!

In order to use the links listed on this page, just copy and paste
the 'server' text address right into the 'SERVER ' address window
of the 'Chat Connection' pop-up in Comic Chat. Then Click 'OK'.
Your Comic Chat program should then connect to the server you
have selected. Once connected, click on the "Room" selection
located up on the 'Comic Chat' program tool bar and
select the room you wish to chat and visit in!
chat connect
 If you have restored the mic:// protocol on your computer, 
you can just click on the active link and your
'Comic Chat' program will automaticlly connect
to the server and enter the the chat room!

Please visit the mic:// Help Page for further information.

~ Listed Alphabetically ~

HOME Network Server   (click address) Port
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The Crypt

Room Name: #Crypt
Click Here to visit this servers Home Page
ChatArea - [Comic Chat friendly IRCx server]

Room Name: #ChatArea
Click Here to visit this servers Home Page

Room Name: #Laffin-Loft

Sorry folks!
#Bambamsden on Comic-sun serverClair Crying
Has closed once again
due to lack of visitor participation!
Click Here to visit this servers Home Page

Room Name:
 See "Special Instructions" below:

 See "Special Instructions" below:
Comic Chat Servers
Permanently Closed!
21 February 2001

[ A T T E N T I O N ]
The 'Microsoft Comic Chat' program is an IRC chat client.
As such, besides connecting to the servers listed here on this page,
it will connect and operate on any IRC server!


Special Instructions:

Most of today's servers have a lot of Mirc and other IRC chat client users.
These users see the Comic Chat character information as garbled code
preceding each text message. Some are afraid to let the chatter stay
in the room. If you are using Comic Chat and find fellow roomies
complaining, you can go to "View", "Options", and then "Settings"!
Check the box that says: "Don't send Microsoft Chat specific Information".
Then click on "Apply" and it will stop sending the character information
into the room. That will solve the issue while you are in that room.
Just remember to uncheck it when you are in a Comic Chat friendly room.


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