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Page Restored: 8 February 2018

MSChatのバージョンが 2.1以前の場合は 2.1のみ、
MSChatのバージョンが 2.5以降の場合は 2.1と2.5どちらも使えます。

Please check the version of MS Chat you are using.
Please click on each file size column and Download it.
If the version of MSChat is 2.1 or earlier, only use 2.1 characters!
If the version of MSChat is 2.5 or later, you can use either 2.1 or 2.5.

These files are comic characters for use in the chat program
'Microsoft Chat V2.5'
Download and 'save' them to your 'COMICART' folder!

C:\Program Files\Chat\COMICART
- or -
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Chat\COMICART

Restoration Editor's note:
'ToyPoodle' has been creating Comic Chat characters since 1997 when Microsoft first released the first 'color' Microsoft Comic Chat version 2.1.
You will see download choices between 2.1 and 2.5.
- Although both character versions are color .AVB's, the program 'Microsoft Chat 2.1' can only use the characters labeled for 2.1.
- The program 'Microsoft Chat 2.5 can use both types of characters. The difference is that the 2.1 characters are older 'original' formated .AVB's. The 2.5 characters are a compressed version of the .AVB which also has an embedded url in it for auto downloading capabilities.
- The 2.1 version .AVB's are posted here in .ZIP format and must be unzipped before placed into the COMICART folder. One should also know that they do not auto download!


ToyPoo マーメイド (Mmd)
Character ToyPoo MMD (mermaid)
Author (作者) ToyPoodle ToyPoodle
filesize 2.1 116KB→ 1.80MB 203KB→1.5MB
filesize 2.5 106KB 191KB

Tunfurby Tunkiri Tunwitch Tunracc Tunkou
Character Tunfurby Tunkiri Tunwitch Tunracc Tunkou
Author (作者) Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun
Filesize 2.1          
Filesize 2.5 76KB 57KB 40KB 65KB 19kb

Tunbrot Tungirl Tunbee Tunpig Tunsist
Character Tunbrot Tungirl Tunbee Tunpig Tunsist
Author (作者) Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun
Filesize 2.1          
Filesize 2.5 32KB 106KB 59KB 29KB 80KB

透明のキャラ。 (Unknown) Faye(フェイ) (Faye_tp) tunmonky 妖精 (Fairy_tp) ROBIN_TP
Character Unknown Faye(フェイ) (Faye_tp) Tunmonky Fairy_tp ロビン (Robin_tp)
Author (作者) Umiyasu ToyPoodle Tun ToyPoodle ToyPoodle
filesize 2.1 1KB → 11KB 50KB → 1.41MB 98KB → 1.15MB 117KB→632KB 126KB→1.11MB
filesize 2.5 405bytes 113KB 67KB 110KB 128KB

Mr忍者 (Mr_Ninja) tuncat1 ピエロ (Pierott) basami 六合一 (Kunikazu)
Character Mr忍者 (Mr_Ninja) Tuncat1 ピエロ (Pierott) Basami 六合一(くにかず) (Kunikazu)
Author (作者) TATUYA Tun Otakaa ZEF ROPI
filesize 2.1 51KB→1.74MB 64KB→1.31MB 37KB→272KB 28KB→1MB 41KB→1.21MB
filesize 2.5 42KB 51KB 42KB 24KB 41KB

五十六 (Isoroku) tuncat Martian_Umi Tunsyou tunboy
Character 五十六(いそろく) (Isoroku) Tuncat Martian_Umi Tunsyou Tunboy
Author (作者) ROPI Tun Umiyasu Tun Tun
filesize 2.1 41KB→902KB 63KB→1.49MB 60KB→371KB   92KB→1.48MB
filesize 2.5 40KB 47KB 68KB 17KB 61KB

Eye_man2 tun tunhama tunkappa tunpanda
Character Eye_Man2 Tun Tunhama Tunkappa Tunpanda
Author (作者) TATSUYA Tun Tun Tun Tun
filesize 2.1 67KB→2.75MB 175KB→2.81MB 79KB→2.35MB 74KB→1.53MB 107KB→1.64MB
filesize 2.5 34KB 92KB 57KB 57KB 97KB

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