Special help instruction for Microsoft Comic Chat Users with Windows XP

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(Find Windows Vista help HERE!)

With every new release of Microsoft's WindowsXp and Service Packs, new issues arise regarding the use of the 'Microsoft Comic Chat' program.

This section of Mermaid Elizabeth's Comic Chat Support Site is dedicated to helping resolve each issue as they may arise.

The following directory has some of these issues addressed and fixes to resolve them:

Microsoft Comic Chat
The Comic Chat
Character Editor
This page helps the Comic Chat user to sucessfully install the Comic Chat Character Editor which will not work in the Window XP environment without being installed using these instructions.

( Please note that it has been discovered that after each SP Service Pack installation, the character editor must be reinstalled following these instructions ).

Click HERE: XP editor Help

WinXP sp2
The Comic Chat
Server Connection HTML Protocol
A url written with a beginning of mic:// is a Comic Chat specific HTML protocol command that causes the Microsoft Comic Chat program to open and connect to the url clicked on

This page addresses the situation that arises after one installs WinXP sp2 and finds that the mic:// link no longer works!

Click HERE: XP mic Help

Music Files
Comic Chat
Microsoft Comic Chat allows the user to play WAV, MIDI, and RMI sound files inside a chat room. But with the onset of MP3's and the serious decline of RMI files, a talented chatter from the IRX-City Chat Server Group used an editor to replace the RMI callout inside Comic Chat to that of MP3's.

This page has the download of the 'updated' Comic Chat MP3 exe file as well as further details and instructions.

Click HERE: XP mp3 Help