Website Links to instructional help sites for Microsoft Comic Chat, the Character Editor & other related support programs

updated - 21 March 2020

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  1. David Kurlander's: How To Get Started in 6 Easy Steps
  2. Phoenix-Online: Comprehensive FAQ's
    Compiled by Steve Howland one of Microsoft's original volunteer Comic Chat beta testers & Bud-O
  3. Botender's How2 Comic Chat
  4. Sniffle's Comic Chat FAQ Page
  5. mic:// URL Protocol (active chat server links)
  6. Enabling mp3 files inside chat rooms

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  1. Bedienungsanleitung (Operation Manual)

  1. Character Editor Installation Help in Windows 10 x64bit
    • Can be used to install any 16-bit program into a Win10-64 machine!
  2. Character Editor Installation Help in Windows 7-10 x32bit
  3. Character Editor Installation Help in Windows XP
  4. Phoenix-Online: Character Editor FAQ's Character Pose List
  5. Eaglet's 'Making Comic Characters'
  6. Ruthie's Instructions On Posting/Publishing A Character .AVB File




  1. Home Page

  2. Support Pages

  3. Download Page

  4. Sqiz aka Derek White author of ChatCheck

   Windows Issues & Tips - Vista through Windows 10
  1. Microsoft Comic Chat and Windows
  2. Microsoft Comic Chat Character Editor and Windows
  3. The annoying UAC (User Account Control)
    What is UAC?    Win-All
  4. Replacing system files in Windows
  5. Java Aplets and Windows
  6. Lost your computer log-on password? NT Password Reset WinXP-10
  7. Really Disable UAC win 7 - 10

  1. Instructions and Helpful Tips
  2. BGB Maker Download Page

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